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Lebss PDRN Ampoule Skin Booster


L’ebss Brightening – Tone-up Booster 5ml * 10 vials


All-in-one Tone-up solution for skin purification and melanin control

Skin vitality booster with and even and brighter skin tone


Step 1: Skin Purification

Purifies and activates dormant skin tissues that are unable to absorb nutrients.

Step 2: Melanin Production Suppression

Lower melanin production levels by suppressing the MITF or other cells that incite the production of melanin.

Step 3: Exfoliation Promotion

Strengthens the skin barrier and promotes exfoliation to shed dull and dead skin cells and replace them with a brighter look.

Step 4: Skin Calming

Calms down any irritation generally caused by Melanin suppression.

Step 5. Skin Tone Improvement

Improves skin tone with ingredients that restore skin cell function, such as amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.


Tranexamic Acid – Pigmentation correction

Glutathione – Maintaining radiant and bright tone

Skin transparency improvement proven by clinical study results.

How to use:

  1. Apply anesthetic cream (avoiding eye and lip area) before procedure for 10~15 minutes and wipe it off
  2. Spread L’ebss booster solution all over the face by brush or hands. Using MTS (microneedle Therapy System) device, gently apply on skin. Micro-scratches are made on the skin surface with micro needling device. L’ebss booster penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.
  3. After MTS procedure, use mask (sheet or modeling mask) for soothing skin.

It is recommended to get more than 3 sessions every two weeks. The effect can be visible even after just one procedure.

  • Do not rub your skin harshly when washing your face for 3 days after the procedure.
  • May experience skin dryness and flacking for about a week after the procedure due to the changes of chemical composition of the skin.
  • It’s natural transformation, so avoid scrubbing or using any peeling products.
  • Make sure to apply moisturize and nourish your skin for faster recovery.

The effect will gradually appear a week after the procedure. Skin gets healthier, texture gets softer, makeup looks smoother.



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