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Sobranie Black Russian


As we know that perfectness of Sobranie cigarettes, they need no introduction because their best product is what they are known for. If you are looking for to enjoy the rich and strong tobacco flavour, Sobranie Black Russianis all that you should go for. These strong cigarettes would fulfill all your tobacco desires, and you will enjoy the perfect taste to fill your relish. Sobranie Black Russian is the ideal blend of the tobacco leaves that would leave you speechless. When you would light the Sobranie Black Russian, you would forget all the other tobacco products that you have used. These are the best strong cigarettes that you can opt for. So let’s have a view of what these Sobranie cigarettes have to offer you!

  • Each pack of cigarettes contains 20 cigarettes.
  • Each cigarette contains 0.7 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tar content.
  • This product is available in a king-sized box to come precisely up to your expectations.

If you are true tobacco lover and want to enjoy strong tobacco flavour with a legendry aroma of burning tobacco, you must not miss a chance to buy online Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes. Tobaccopie is the best online tobacco shop to buy online Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes from. We provide our customers with the highest quality and world-class branded cigarettes that they love.

Sobranie Black Russian Cigarettes

The best thing about us is that we never compromise the quality of the products that we have in stock, but still give you these cigarettes on the discounted prices. It means if you want to buy cigarettes online and save money, then you must visit Tobaccopie to make it possible. We believe in the quality of the products and serve you with the best quality.

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Choose us over others when you want to buy online Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes, and we won’t disappoint you!


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